The Money In Local Internet Marketing

If you are a local business owner then local Internet marketing is a must. More and more people are searching for businesses locally from their mobile devices and their home computers. A good example is somebody looking for a place to eat lunch in a new town. They will pick up their iPhone or another smart phone and punch in the keywords “Lunch salads” in their mobile browser. The diners that have taken the time to optimize locally for mobile marketing will likely get the business.

It is fairly easy to get listed locally. Listing sources such as Manta and Kudzu will provide you a local page when you submit your business information to them. These are called citations and are the equivalent of back links in the organic search engine optimization domain. Citations act as powerful references to search engines and when your listing is matched with the appropriate name, address and phone number (called NAP), the visibility of your local business in search engines increases.

The ranking you receive will be good as long as you don’t have any competition. However when a few of your competitors start to catch on and get their listings optimized, you will begin to fade in rankings. Utilize the services of an effective local citation submitter, and you’ll see your business elevate in local listings in the search engines.

A business should start to investigate how much business is possible from local internet marketing and then do some real math and calculate how much money it is costing to lose this business. Keep in mind that more and more consumers will be using this method to find you, or your competitors. The days of the Yellow Pages are over, so you’ll need to consider these newer methods.

Databases like the Yellow Pages require going through an alphabetical list to find a business. A keyword lookup is instant. That is the difference. You want your business to pop up instantly at spot number one.

It would be wise to hire a company that can produce this type of result. Be sure that they can demonstrate actual results, before you buy. Just having a pretty website is not going to work, because no one will necessarily find it. You need to come up on top, when the customer types in what it is that you are selling in the search box of their browsers.